Who is The Mentor Group International

The Mentor Group International (TMG) is a professional services Project Management Coaching Company established in 2009. Our goal is to help our clients have peace of mind, knowing that we will consistently create significant and sustainable improvements in the way they plan and execute their projects, and positively affect their organizational performance. The main industries we support are Engineering & Construction, Energy, IT, Telecom, Banking and Human Resource among others.

Our International Experience

Project Challenges That Our Clients Face

  • Inconsistent Project Management practices used across the company, resulting in duplication of work, waste of money and time, and demotivated employees
  • Poor project decisions based on lack of a structured decision process and emotional involvement, resulting in choosing and executing the wrong projects, thus eroding value for the company, creating stressed executives, and suffering family lives
  • Inadequate communication between project team and stakeholders, resulting in missed or conflicting information, dysfunctional teams and failed projects
  • Inexperienced personnel assigned to manage projects, plan and execute poorly, destroy value and reputation, and create unhappy customers and shareholders

What We Do

Working side by side with our clients, and through coaching and mentoring we instill practical, specialized knowledge in the individual and the organization, which ensures ownership and lasting internal capability.

Creating Project Management Cultures
Project Management Office (PMO) development, focused on creating consistency in project practices, and through cultural sensitivity develops self-sustainable, competent people. We structure the PMO as a group within the Client’s business and develop the Methodology, Governance, Standards and Tools, and ensure that the people who will operate it are highly competent and skillful. It includes a Competency Management System, which assesses people skills and Project Management Maturity within the Client’s business, develops a roadmap and implements the improvements for the people and organization.
Project Implementation Support
Provides project team resources, if required, and ensures successful implementation through coaching and mentoring at all levels of the Client’s project management organization from executives through to the junior level. The organization develops staff that is highly competent in all aspects of project management while seeing their project successfully completed.
Project Planning and Development
We assist our clients to fully define their projects and develop a fit-for-purpose Project Execution Plan (PEP), prior to the project funding approval. The Project Execution Plan incorporates all the procedures and tools that will be required to plan and execute the project.
Project Management Training
TMG provides both classroom and online training in Project Management and other associated areas. TMG’s classroom workshops are conducted only for our clients in-house, and they are available for all areas of project management; our flagship workshop is “Project Management and Project Leadership”; it focuses on both the technical aspect of planning and executing a project, as well as the project leadership and other soft skills that are critical to a project’s success. Our training for this and other classroom workshops is hands-on, highly interactive and practical and enables the participants to immediately apply the learnings to their own projects.

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