3 Reasons Why Coaching is More Effective than Consulting

“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning”

As more and more Thai businesses are seeking external assistance from companies with more expertise in certain areas, it is imperative that a clear distinction be made between a “Consultant” and a “Coach”.
Business coaches and business consultants provide three distinctly different benefits for the executives, teams, and organizations:

  1. Coaching Helps People Uncover Their Own Solutions
    Consultants are normally hired for one of two reasons: either as a means of “outsourcing” specific functions or to gain a body of knowledge and expertise that is not generally available within the company. Business Coaching, by comparison, is highly personalized and aims to enhance the performance of individuals or perhaps small teams. Whereas consulting is largely technically focused,coaching is heavily inspirational and empowering. The main purpose of coaching is to help people uncover and implement their own solutions, for the greater benefit of the organization’s performance.
  2. Coaching is a Long-term Solution, Consulting is a Short-term “Quick Fix”
    Consultants focus primarily on processes and activities that outsiders can observe and monitor. Coaches, however, have a deeper agenda, commonly probing the client’s organization to examine and improve for the long term such things as the client’s:

    • Goals and Aspirations
    • Corporate values
    • Level of Confidence
    • Competency
  3. Coaching is Highly Personal, Whereas Consulting is Informational
    Coaching, always involves a trust based commitment between the coach and a specific individual/team in which they agree to be accountable to each other, and work jointly towards specific goals that create efficiencies in projects or organizations.
    The Mentor Group utilizes this unique and customized mentoring and coaching approach. The all-important difference resides in the fact that TMG’s approach reinforces and instills specialized knowledge to the individual and/or organization and ensures ownership and lasting internal capabilities.
    Our expert Project Management Coaches and Mentors coach your project managers and project teams to ensure that all stakeholders and project members are in perfect alignment, motivated and committed and successfully plan and execute any project. We facilitate focused planning workshops during which our coaches work alongside your project manager and project team to put in place planning and implementation requirements among other things. Our support spans throughout all project phases to ensure all processes are in place and optimally functioning.

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