The Four Essentials for Every Project

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but Project Management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.” — Joy Gumz .

The dictionary defines a team as a group of people working or playing together. But anyone watching a swarm of 6-year-olds playing soccer, with each child focused on his or her own performance, knows that definition lacks something.

Imagine the challenges faced by a newly formed orchestra, composed of highly trained specialists, each capable of a solo performance. When they come together for a short-term engagement, they depend on four essentials:
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Why coaching and what is mentoring?

Through coaching, the project managers can develop these important soft skills in real time, while managing the project.

  • Companies that adopted a coaching approach, report significant improvements in productivity, increased communication, faster goal achievement with less effort and reduced staff turnover.
  • Coaching is a partnership focused on the client’s success. The coach will ask questions to empower the client to arrive at the best solution. In contrast to the coach, a consultant provides a specific solution and goes away…. while the coach will ensure that the client develops the capability so that they think and solve the problems on their own. A coach does not have to be an expert in the field coached.
  • Mentoring is similar to coaching, but the Mentor is an expert in the field and will transfer his expertise to the client.

ThanksGiving Home

The Mentor Group is proud to be involved in supporting the local Thai Community. The Mentor Group recently became involved in a new venture based in Pakkret, Nonthaburi called the Thanksgiving Home, a legally registered non-profit organization.

Thanksgiving Home opened its doors in January 2012 by Khun Wanchai Tripiyachart and his wife, Khun Maetim. The home accommodates fifteen young adult mentally challenged girls with varying degrees of disability.

The goal of the Home is to educate and rehabilitate these young adults to become independent and to ultimately live and work in the community.

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