[Article] – Most common problems that Project Executives and Managers face (2/2)

[Article] – Most common problems that Project Executives and Managers face (2/2)

  • Carrying on the project, regardless of the warning signals

Surprisingly we see this happen too often. No one likes to admit making the wrong decision, especially when there are political, emotional, financial or cultural implications involved in changing direction. Ignoring warning signals instead of taking a corrective action could lead to project failure, not to mention personal failure.

  • Unclear scope, little upfront definition, no system in place to manage the “scope creep”

When the scope is not clearly defined up front and there is no procedure in place to manage changes, it is inevitable that the project will take a life of its own and expand until it explodes. Among the associated problems that we see many executives face are unscrupulous contractors taking advantage of the lack of scope definition and turning them into “cash cows” by translating the scope to their advantage.

  • Aggressive (over-optimistic) timelines and budget

Unrealistic deadlines and over optimistic cost estimates always result in missed delivery dates, poor quality, low morale, cost overruns, and a loss of respect for organizational leadership.

  • Not having a consistent Project Management methodology, resulting in ad hoc practices

Lack of a consistent and repeatable Project Management methodology, or not having a PMO (Project Management Office) in place has been one of the main reasons of project failure, and it often results in increased project initiation time, a long learning curve for project team members and additional time spent to reinvent processes and templates for each project.

In subsequent articles, I will address some clever, some surprisingly simple and some more complicated solutions we helped create for clients.

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