The Mentor Group provides a comprehensive range of Project Management solutions that are fit-to-purpose and designed to last. Specifically, TMG provides the following services to businesses in all industries:

Creating Project Management Officesmentor-logos_0001_PMO FINAL

Project Management Office (PMO) development, focused on creating consistency in project practices, and through cultural sensitivity develop self-sustainable, competent people and mature project management organizations. We typically structure the PMO as a group within the Client’s business and develop the Methodology, Governance, Standards and Tools required to meet the Client’s specific corporate requirements, and ensure that the people who will operate it are highly competent and skillful.  This service includes a Project Management Competency Management System that assesses people skills, a Project Management Maturity System that identifies the current state of maturity, development of a road-map that addresses the steps to the desired Project Management maturity, and implementation of these steps. By using our coaching and mentoring approach, we create Project Management cultures, through instilling ownership within the organization and developing stakeholder buy-in and support.

Supporting Clients in the Execution of their Projectsmentor-logos_0004_Coaching and Mentoring- FINAL

We provide project team resources, as required, and ensure successful execution through coaching and mentoring at all levels of the Client’s project management organization, from the executive level cascading down to the working level. Projects are resourced with our highly expert coaches and consultants, who drive project targets whilst developing the client staff in all aspects of project management.

Develop Successful Project Plans

Project Management Institute (PMI) studies have been indicating that optimized planning consistently leads to successful project implementation. Conversely, poorly planned projects always produce poor results.

mentor-logos_0003_EXPERT SUPPORT- FINALWe assist our clients to frame, define their projects, develop the conceptual planning and create a fit-for-purpose Project Execution Plan (PEP), prior to the project funding approval. The Project Execution Plan defines how the project will be managed during execution and incorporates all the strategies, procedures and tools that will be required to plan and execute the project.  Some of the typical components of the PEP are project risk management, stakeholder and communication management, cost, scheduling and performance management, contracting and procurement management, etc.

Project Management Training

TMG provides both classroom and online training in Project Management and other associated areas. TMG’s classroom workshops are conducted only for our clients in-house, and they are available for all areas of project management; our flagship workshop is “Project Management and Project Leadership”; it focuses on both the technical aspect of planning and executing a project, as well as the project leadership and other soft skills that are critical to a project’s success. Our training for this and other classroom workshops is hands-on, highly interactive and practical and enables the participants to immediately apply the learnings to their own projects.

TMG also provides online training in Project Management, and is affiliated with The Project Management Institute (PMI®), the world’s leading professional association in Project Management. These online courses lead to PMI® certification and include preparatory courses for the PMP® (Project Management Professional), RMP® (Risk Management Professional) and CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) examinations. The Mentor Group, via our association with the providers, is a PMI® Registered Educational Provider (REP) and offers Professional Development Units (PDUs) for qualified candidates. Our instructors have extensive hands-on industry experience, are certified PMPs and experts in their respective disciplines.

The Mentor Group classroom and online training.
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