3 Reasons Why Coaching is More Effective than Consulting

“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning”

As more and more Thai businesses are seeking external assistance from companies with more expertise in certain areas, it is imperative that a clear distinction be made between a “Consultant” and a “Coach”.
Business coaches and business consultants provide three distinctly different benefits for the executives, teams, and organizations:

  1. Coaching Helps People Uncover Their Own Solutions
    Consultants are normally hired for one of two reasons: either as a means of “outsourcing” specific functions or to gain a body of knowledge and expertise that is not generally available within the company. Business Coaching, by comparison, is highly personalized and aims to enhance the performance of individuals or perhaps small teams. Whereas consulting is largely technically focused,coaching is heavily inspirational and empowering. The main purpose of coaching is to help people uncover and
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Why coaching and what is mentoring?

Through coaching, the project managers can develop these important soft skills in real time, while managing the project.

  • Companies that adopted a coaching approach, report significant improvements in productivity, increased communication, faster goal achievement with less effort and reduced staff turnover.
  • Coaching is a partnership focused on the client’s success. The coach will ask questions to empower the client to arrive at the best solution. In contrast to the coach, a consultant provides a specific solution and goes away…. while the coach will ensure that the client develops the capability so that they think and solve the problems on their own. A coach does not have to be an expert in the field coached.
  • Mentoring is similar to coaching, but the Mentor is an expert in the field and will transfer his expertise to the client.

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