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Antea, established in 1989, specializes in the development of Software Solutions and in supplying integrated Services for the Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy, Utility and other industrial sector for verifying asset integrity. Highly flexible solutions are offered to clients through expert design and implementation.

Since its inception, Antea has been working together with its customers in order to better fulfill their requirements and needs, and develop and build easy to use Software that end users can intuitively understand and implement.

The know-how obtained from long-term partnerships with the market’s key players and the in-depth experience of a team of Chemical and IT Engineers lead Antea to focus on ongoing research and development of new competitive solutions. Our purpose is to support Inspection and Maintenance activities; therefore, improving a system’s reliability and security.

As an additional resource, data is managed by Antea and made easily accessible to clients for historical knowledge, everyday asset management and system integration.

By supplying a software and services packet to our customers, we allow them to optimize maintenance and inspection monitoring, contributing to staff safety and environmentally sustainable activities.

3D is a technological step for an intuitive management of assets, for reality-sharing, to facilitate information exchange and to accelerate training activities.

Antea has over 20 years of experience in the development of Software Solutions for Asset Integrity Management directed mainly to the Oil & Gas sector.
Antea, with a team of professionals with proven skills and experience in the sector, stays competitive and innovative by anticipating and fulfilling the needs of a market that is continuously evolving.


  • Obtain information easily through the 3D model of the plant.
  • Attaching technical documents of each item within the browser.
  • Manage P&ID and the Technical document status easily.
  • Share various operational data on multiple sites.
  • Reduce errors thanks to automatic data upload.


•  Manage and monitor inspections.
•  Visualize corrosion trends.
•  Monitor cathodic protection data, surveys, history and inspection plans.
•  Visualize RBI data.
•  Manage corrosion tests.
•  Monitor and manage tanks, pipelines and platforms.

Data Extraction from the P&ID
Antea offers a data extraction and cataloguing service through the use of its software tools. Items in the P&ID are first acquired and then organized and catalogued based on their nature (equipment, lines, PSV, instruments, machinery); these structured lists can be used to transfer data towards the most frequently used CMMS.

Data Loading
For performing data loading operations and/or extracting data from other environments, Antea has numerous tools to support the customer during the initial loading stage or during data update.
A software without data is like an empty box; Antea, starting with Excel files, can begin important semi-automatic imports of record, deadline or other data.

Documentation analysis and reorganization
The module “Technical Document Management” allows managing and updating many of the technical documents within a plant; the Antea staff is able to provide document analysis, scanning and uploading services.

3D modeling with laser scanning
Antea, in order to transform great volumes of complex data into usable and easily understandable information, provides a unique integration service based on virtual 3D models displaying the as-built status of the plant.
As a result of this service, with in-house developed tools, our customers obtain a visual environment that is easily searchable and indexed in accordance with P&ID content and plans.

In order to get the most from the implementation of an Asset Integrity System, customized training based on the customer’s needs is required and offered.

Technical Assistance
Antea guarantees continuous assistance to its customers, providing timely answers and solutions.

With our ability to manage the extensive amount of data found in the oil & gas industry, is Antea’s ability to catalog and organize this data in a functional and usable way which adds real value to an asset management program.

With twenty years of experience, Antea can adapt its software, entirely produced in house, to the customer’s specific requests.

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