About Petro Suite

The offshore oil and gas business is technically challenging and requires a great number of people working together to achieve objectives. While many challenges are obvious (remote locations, harsh offshore conditions, long supply chains) it is the human aspects that can be the most difficult to manage. Teams are often located in different offices and using different software systems. So information is poorly shared and there are no common software tools which enable informed real-time decision making. But now, for the first time, a software solution has been created to unite operations teams by moving everyone’s work into a common cloud-based system. Petro Suite will enable a step-change improvement to the way that oil companies work.

Designed by People Who Know

Petro Suite has been designed from an operations perspective by a design team with over 100 years of oil industry operations experience. The system uses common oil and gas terminologies and work flows practiced for decades. This means that each team member can learn their part of the system in hours….not days. And the processes are logical, so you won’t forget how the system works when you are in-between operations.

Modular Design

Mountains don’t get moved in a day. It takes time. So Petro Suite can be deployed in stages at your own pace, starting out with only the modules your organization needs and then expand when you are ready. Our engineers can work with your company to perform an assessment of your current operations and identify opportunities for optimization. We can help you determine what parts of the Petro Suite system can work best for your operations. The choice remains yours.

Streamline the Process

Within Petro Suite, the common oilfield workflow process has been captured and refined into one web-based application. Workflows are streamlined, process times are faster and workloads are greatly reduced. Smaller teams can now accomplish the same amount of work in less time.

Enabling Evolution

Companies like the idea of refining and optimizing operations. But in the past this was difficult to achieve because it required too many man hours to collect and process operations data records. This is especially true when it comes to managing logistics and measuring operations efficiencies. Petro Suite solves these problems by collecting proper data in a unified format that can then be analyzed to help identify and refine operational weaknesses.

Port Logistics and Warehousing

  • Petro Suite has logical tools which allow you to easily manage your shore-base and offshore inventories. Every part in the system has full traceability to track its origin, travel route and destination.
  • Bulk materials tracking is custom-built for the oil and gas industry to account for transfer losses and daily consumption.
  • Warehouse inventory is easily moved to boat, helicopter or truck manifests for movements to the field.
  • Inventory quantities show amount in stock along side how many are scheduled to be shipped via material requests.
  • Materials can be easily containerized in either Service Company containers of Company Owned containers.
  • Number of days offshore is easy to monitor.

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