The Mentor Group – Executive Team-Building Training (2 Days)

In today’s world, a project executive has to go beyond traditional project management approaches and needs to be able to understand and navigate the organizational environment in which every project exists and is defined.

This includes strategic objectives that the project will accomplish, why it is important to the organization, and how the project interfaces with other projects within a given portfolio. In brief, project success requires factoring in enterprise governance, organizational issues, and human behavior as these will have direct impact on project delivery strategy and, ultimately, project outcomes.

Successfully transform your Executive Leadership from traditional “do what I tell you” to an inspiring, “lets do it together” highly motivated and engaged management team.

Executive management will learn skills to surface their own and their employee’s genius from within. “Executive Team-Building Training” provides your leaders’ with enhanced interpersonal skills that are critical to effective communication.

The coaching techniques learned will increase trust, can dramatically improve morale and enhance team performance and productivity. Expect to challenge your own management beliefs.

The Mentor Group has successfully been providing Team Building facilitation during the early phases of Project Development, Joint Ventures and Partnerships among others; our facilitators have been contributing to significantly increasing shared understanding and alignment between the core team members and key stakeholders. For the session to be effective there should be a maximum of 10 to 12 core team members participating.

Initially, The Mentor Group will meet with the client Owner or Senior Management representative prior to the Workshop and facilitate a framing and planning session to develop a common understanding of the purpose, scope and approach of the Team Building effort. An outline and Agenda for the Team Building will be developed, including some preparatory work that will be required to be completed by the participants. A typical agenda is shown below.

A personality type assessment form will be provided for all the participants to complete prior to the Team Building. The results will be kept confidential and will be shared only by each individual during the Workshop upon their discretion.

A two-day Team Building Workshop will be facilitated using the proven successful model of Patrick Lencioni. The detailed agenda will only be shared with the Owner, and it will be kept confidential from all the other participants. This will ensure that it is held in an open minded but also confidential manner, especially in areas that are sensitive to individuals. The workshop approach will focus in building trust during the first day through structured exercises, and the second day to use the enhanced trust that was developed, in jointly solving sensitive issues to the team and the organization.

An evaluation of the Team Building exercise, including an assessment of its effectiveness will be provided after the workshop is completed. The deliverable will be a final report including the evaluation as well as a proposed follow up plan to ensure long term sustainability of the alignment.

Our Executive Team Building facilitators, all have over 30 years of experience in assembling and optimizing project teams around the world, including Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia and Thailand, and have experienced, lived and managed cross-cultural issues; they have consistently proved that by providing the proper expert facilitation, teams become aligned and show significant improvements in communication and productivity, often in a matter of a few days.

Who Should Attend ?

Executives involved in project delivery or management–whether as project managers or as executives–who want to enable their corporate strategy and objectives through projects.

Whether working in a hard deliverable environment such as aerospace, manufacturing or construction, or in service industries such as health care or finance, all those facing the common challenge of having to deliver multiple projects with fewer resources in a constantly evolving environment by developing high-performance teams able to produce results.