Indiana Jones Outdoor Team-Building Program (3 Days) Thai & English

Our Indiana Jones Outdoor Team-Building Program (3 Days) in Thai & English – It’s official – friendly competition out in the fresh air is a great way to encourage positive emotions while reducing stress levels. We offer a wide variety of year-round outdoor team building events, programs and activities.

Each of the team bonding games, activities and ideas we use is designed to mix risk-free challenges with pure, unbridled fun.

Just add sunshine and natures shade.

What better way to motivate your team than by treating them to a fun, action packed, outdoor team building event?

These events are a fantastic way to unwind, get outdoors and have a great time bonding with colleagues. The variety of team activities we have means there is something for everyone to enjoy!

With one of the largest and most varied selections of equipment on the corporate team building market, we offer a huge range of challenging and different outdoor team building activities, all in the scenic and picturesque locales of Kanchanaburi.

Innovative land based Treasure Hunt using cryptic clues that need teamwork to crack and solve, are terrific fun and can be custom written for the location of your choice. All of this and much, much more…

Effective outdoor team building activities for your company

Use of the outdoor environment and the tasks given demand a degree of concentration and commitment which cannot be experienced with classroom training alone. This is why outdoor team building is such an effective means of developing staff.

Training courses can be forgettable, but outdoor team building training courses have the power to inspire people who then not only remember the learning but transfer it to the workplace and spread the word.

Classroom-based chalk and talk courses are common with delegates often being subjected to mediocre courses and uninspiring trainers. Faced with this onslaught, sitting in a classroom listening to a trainer our brains effectively turn off and go to sleep and expensive training courses quickly become forgotten.

This isn’t just conjecture.

In our brains is something called the reticular activating system. Its job is to filter all the sensory stimuli coming in and decide what we should focus our attention on at any particular moment. It’s at the heart of the reason why experiential learning is such an effective medium as opposed to classroom learning alone.

This is TMG’s philosophy to delivering behavioral change in the workplace through improving individuals performance. All our outdoor team building courses adopt this approach. The “I do I understand” principle is the one we follow.

By doing real tasks in a real world outdoor environment delegates not only understand but retain that learning. Delegates are willing to take on new challenges without the the normal threat of failure  as they are not in a work environment. This experiential learning underpins our approach and has been proven to be an effective approach through actual experience during the last 20 years of implementation.

We seek to provide the often missing link between classroom based and outdoor team building. Our outdoor team building programmes are structured to offer indoor workshops on team and leadership theory linked to an outdoor element to test and develop those theories.

They are designed to be fun and productive. Above all they are inclusive so nobody is alienated or intimated by the tasks and challenges. They are not designed to humiliate but rather to develop teamwork and create a supportive environment for participants to learn and develop greater self-confidence in themselves and their colleagues.

100% of our customers rated their experience with us as good or excellent in terms of their overall experience and value for money

Testimonials like

” This is, by far, the best team-building training I’ve had, period.” 

have proven beyond any doubt the effectiveness and quality of the program during the last 20 years.