The Mentor Group – Project Planning Workshop (5 days)

Workshop Description and Objective: 

The unique aspect of this workshop is that the participants bring their new or newly started projects, and during the five days they develop a customized framework of a Project Management Plan foundation, or enhance the existing one, at the level of quality that major international companies do.

This workshop is targeted at a broad spectrum of projects, including Engineering and Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, R&D, Banking, HR, Organizational Development, etc.

Our seasoned trainers and facilitators, plan the workshop together with the client team in advance, and using the participants’ own projects, enable them to thoroughly comprehend the concepts and tools and apply them to their projects, bringing the deliverables back to their teams for further detailed development.

Alternatively, for projects with existing plans, the participants will upgrade and enhance these plans to higher standards and develop them further.

While they develop the Project Plan, the participants learn the practical view of hands-on tools, techniques and leadership skills that project decision makers (Project Owners and Project Managers) have to master in order to consistently ensure successful (timely and within budget) project implementation, and subsequently organizational success in any industry.


A customized, complete, high quality foundation of a Project Management Plan, that results in easier and faster funding approval, prior to the project execution.

Better decisions are made both during planning and execution of the project, by introducing the latest PM best practices, tools and techniques, including a Decision Analysis and Phase Gate process.

Drastically reduce the time that it typically takes to put a Project Management Plan together

Involve the Project Owners with the Project Team in reaching early alignment of goals and making quality decisions
Minimum work required to finalize the detailed Project Management Plan, after the Workshop

Who should Attend:

This Workshop is designed for Project Owners, Project Managers, Project Coordinators and Team Leaders involved in decision making roles.

It’s also appropriate for supporting project team members involved in planning and implementation, such as Project Controllers, Project Schedulers, Cost Engineers and Estimators, Contractors and Procurement specialists, etc.

We highly suggest that the Project Owners attend the first day at a minimum, in order to gain alignment and reach alignment and make important decisions with the team.