The Mentor Group – Project Support

Successful projects start with the right people in the right positions in your team.

Whether you will just start a project or have an ongoing project that needs additional staff we have the right highly qualified technical project management people to support and fit within your team.  All of our people have many years of hands on practical experience in implementing projects.

This includes all areas of project management such as:

  • Project managers
  • Project controls managers and specialist
  • Project engineers
  • Project coordinators
  • Planners
  • Schedulers
  • Cost estimators
  • QA/AC managers and specialist
  • Contract managers and specialist
  • Procurement specialist
  • Construction supervisors

We enhance your project team with the addition of highly qualified people in the areas you have the most need, in order to facilitate the successful completion of your project to ensure you meet your KPI’s.

These KPI’s are focused on the most important goals on your project, which are based on the triple constraint, where we’re constantly balancing the time, the cost and the scope of the project.

The Mentor Group does not just place our people on your team and leave them on their own.  We continually support them as well as your people, to ensure successful execution of your projects through coaching, mentoring and training.